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deep tissue massage atlanta

Deep Tissue Massage | Atlanta.

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Most often the massage technique we use is Deep Tissue Massage. Deep Tissue differs from a Swedish massage because with deep tissue, you are trying to work into the muscle fibers to release adhesion's and encourage blood flow and recovery.

The technique differs in the use of your tools (Knuckles, forearm, elbow) the depth, and the speed of the stroke. Following the appropriate warm-up, this type of massage focuses on the deeper tissue layers of the body to resolve both chronic and acute pain problems deep within one's structure.

This type of massage may include other techniques ranging from trigger point therapy or neuromuscular therapy.

I visit Radiance Med Spa weekly. The massage therapist there is AMAZING. I also adore Amber's facials. The customer service is always outstanding. The atomosphere of this little vinings gem is out of this world.

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