Hot Stone Massage | Atlanta | Smyrna

hot stone massage atlanta

Hot Stone Massage | Atlanta | Smyrna

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Enjoy a tension-reliving massage that promotes better circulation and blood flow with Radiance's Hot Stone Massage. Carefully placed in sensitive pressure points in your body and combined with fluid massage strokes, this unique experience brings tremendous tranquility.

The masseuse uses heated stones combined with a specialized, focused massage movement that will promote soothing circulation around those tense muscles. In this treatment, warm, smooth river stones are used in combination with oils to bring instant relief to tense muscles and sore joints.

Words cannot fully explain the incredibly soothing effect this has on your body. This treatment has to be personally experienced to truly understand how amazing it feels

I visit Radiance Med Spa weekly. The massage therapist there is AMAZING. I also adore Amber's facials. The customer service is always outstanding. The atomosphere of this little vinings gem is out of this world.

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