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Erase Sun Damange With Juvederm Voluma, IPL and More!

Summer is officially over. The sun was fun, but now it's time to erase the damage. This article from goes over what needs to be done to get younger looking skin.

From topical treatments that lighten to in-office lasers that ablate the upper layer of skin, there are a myriad of options to limit the look of sun-damaged skin. Topicals are almost always the first recommendation to address sun damage, and are often coupled with more aggressive treatments.  


Seven Anti Aging Treatments that Won't Break the Bank

With so much buzz about plastic surgery – both invasive and noninvasive treatments – it’s hard to know if any of them are actually smart options. What works? What doesn’t? What makes sense for someone my age — and what should be avoided? Here, we explain seven popular anti-aging treatments — almost all under $500 — that don’t require a hospital visit or surgery. [Source:


Make Your Spider Veins A Thing of the Past

There's a long list of youthful desires we have as we age. This post from goes over different treatments we can do for immediate results. One item on the list targeted the neck, and we at Radiance Medspa in Atlanta have a solution for you. Here's what Allure had to say about achieving a more youthful looking neck.

"If dermatologists and aestheticians wore black capes instead of white coats, you might mistake them for magicians. The experts wave infrared wands and prescribe seemingly supernatural ingredients, radically reversing signs of aging. But they also have subtler, more nuanced tricks up their sleeves. In a matter of hours, and sometimes minutes, doctors can perform quick, comfortable procedures that leave you looking brighter, tauter, and years younger. Believe it or not, they can even refine the shape of your nose (with absolutely no skin off it). Sun spots, spider veins, droopy jowls, dullness—now you see them, now you don't.