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Zents has a varaity of products including  perfumes, body washes, soaps and lotions.

Zents set out to create a unique fusion of therapeutic body care and sophisticated fragrance. Other companies offered one or the other, and we wanted our products to have it all... spa-grade body care and designer scents! Zents has gained the attention of the most elite boutiques and spas throughout the country, and our products have found their way into the hands of the world's hottest celebrities.

Zents was ahead of its time with the latest trend in fragrance - custom blends! Like a signature, scent is a way people recognize you. Zents has created special signature scents for celebrities and awards events, but we also wanted to make personal fragrance available to everyone, so we designed all of our fragrances to be blended and layered. Experiment with all of the scents to find the perfect combination for you... exquisite alone, decadent combined, for the ultimate in individuality!

Our fragrances are liquid memories of joyful places, experiences, and people. We created them to remind us of our favorite things, and bring people smiles each time they smell our fragrances! Read the story behind your favorite scents by clicking on the graphic square in the 'Products' section of our site!

With amazing ingredients and luxurious formulations, Zents products are ultra-therapeutic to soothe and heal from within. Using many natural ingredients, including herbal extracts, essential oils, and shea butter, our products are designed to improve the texture and look of skin, leaving it soft, and smooth, and lovely.

Zents fragrances use 60-120 carefully chosen fragrance and essential oils for a beauty unmatched by most modern fragrances.

One of our owners is very fragrance sensitive, and he designed each scent to be gentle enough for him. We love hearing from customers with fragrance sensitivities, who are delighted that they can wear Zents.


Experience the perfect way to indulge…Zents new bar soap is the ideal way to get the benefits of a spa anytime with ultra - rich Shea Butter, Neem and Coconut Oils. These soothing and stimulating 5.7 oz triple-milled bars are available in all of your favorite Zents fragrances and come in an exquisite hand-wrapped paper.

Made exclusively for Zents in the English countryside, they are a superb addition to your favorite Zents products. Ideal for the bath or the sink, they make the perfect gift or the perfect way to treat yourself to a spa experience at home.


Each rich ZENTS lotion is highly fragrant with aromatherapeutic floral extracts and essential oils. ZENTS lotions are handmade with the finest ingredients. Use ZENTS lotions in combination with other ZENTS products. contains shea butter, green tea, chamomile & elder flower.

Body wash:

Apply Zents Body Wash for lavishly clean, luxuriously moisturized skin. Rich shea butter permeates the skin's surface for a deep, noticeable softness. Herbal extracts of chamomile and St. John's Wort soothe tired skin while green tea extract detoxifies and protects. Made with the finest ingredients, Zents elegantly scented body wash instantly replenishes and restores the skin.


Perfumery's oldest tradition- a multi-use, highly fragrant solid perfume balm, hand-poured into a unique solid stone cube. Contains aromatherapeutic, floral extracts and essential oils in a conditioning, alcohol-free shea butter & beeswax formula. Uses: scent for pulse points, deep conditioning for dry areas (such as cuticles, feet & elbows), pomade to add scent and brilliance to hair.


Versatile, aromatherapeutic and made to work together. As a fragrance, they are unisex, complex and classically designed. Our sprays are also great as environmental scents – ideal for a spa treatment room, home, or office.